Friday, October 21, 2011


2 Exhibitions
totally different..
totally the same.

about Death of Lumumba
How do we deal with the suffering from the past?
Who Is guilty?
And what are they guilty of?

Believing in journals, scripts and history...
Reading and believing ones opinion.
We all do
The belgian Artist shows that memories & testimonies are never pure,
even if they are presented as being objective and scientific...

Words, Images & History...

Who tells Whats?
What is the truth?
How powerful is ficition for journalists, historians and artists?

Who do we believe and who not?
Tamara Muller on the other hand just ignores all that, doesn't care and shows the tongue to all the Lies out there probably...
She paints figures which expresses the youth combined with the transgressive desires and guilt of adulthood.
When I'm small,I would have done the same...

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