Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ballon Day

Nice weather for once.
Ballons, candies and summersongs. Like that should be my day today.
Dressed like Alix from the Cherry Blossom Girl Blog and Louise from the Pandora Blog in their nice Grecco dresses and MiuMiu shoes.

Dancing to the Pumped up Kicks from Foster the People a Los Angeles Indie pop Band. Make sure to check out their website...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Something from the fashion edge

Its actually still a summer month but here it is cloudy and wet wet rainy weather. I dont care.
Now I can show you without feeling guilty some of the fall winter trends in fashion that took my attraction.

Normally I do not like D&G that much. But with the styling of their animalprint collection which is so nice candy colorful they got my love.

It counts:
Be elegant-candy-ful or
Be like a fairy and show all your pearls & feathers in a transparent-lace way like in the Givenchy Paris Couture Collection 2010.

Riccardi Tisci was inspired by Frida Kahlo, the spanish female artist and her three obsessions:
Religion, Sensuality and the Human Anatomy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just keep your head above

After all this cleaning-up- ( its not finished at all) I need some relaxing time.
I need a Swim. I love the water, i love to swim. Especially alone. Just you, your breath and the water.
And the heavy feeling when you come out from the water is so strange, just nice.

Just keep your head above and breath....

For this mood I would like to show you as well the Polish born designer Maria Dobrzanska Reeves which is the designer behind the marysia CHARLESTON brand.
For the Mercedes Benz Fashionweek in Miami 2010 she had a nice SWIM- collection.
Have a look at the video and her website.

and do not forget, it counts for every situation:


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

mess up- clean up

I just got home from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Gallipoli to Switzerland. Landed in my old room.
So many things. Im definitely one of the collector. I have so much. Everywhere I find something new that I almost forgot.
So now its time to clean up my old mess...

I also discovered my Artpieces. My ecological Designbags:
Designbags out of cardboard
I had to picturize them before I trash them. I will show as well the photoshoot i made with them.
I guess i will find more of my old secrets that I can share with you..