Saturday, October 22, 2011

♡Girl in the Kimono ♡

Denis Maurice
Pierre Bonnard
Edouard Vuillard
Félix Vallotton
Henri Rivière
Henri Evenepoel
George Hendrik Breitner

7 Painter& Artist who used for the first time the Amateurphotography.

The Photography in his History
used as a Sketch
as a Informationcollactor
or as a Way of Expressing

I fell in love with the works which carried a number in their titles:

The 7 Paintings of a Girl in a Kimono from George Hendrik Breitner ( 1893-1894)

The 36 Views of the Eiffel Tower by Henri Rivière who modeled that idea of the Japanese Printmaker Hokusai's 36 Views of Mount Fuji.

36 is the number combined with the magic 7

Go an keep all your Tapes, picture your Views ....
you never know who will be happy once to look trough your eyes

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