Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Love Story also called Lietuva Story
Waking up next to Maraos on the Neringa Peninsula
Smelling the Sea air on top of the Grey Dunes or the Great Dunes in Nida
Getting to know about Marozae while negating Vodka
Preparing Lazy Tinginys out of simple Coockies with Cacao
Eating, Tasting so much good things like never before
from Potatopancakes over Zeppelines, Kepta Duona ( Fried Bread) &
Being amazed to get served a soup in Pink, which is named Cold Soup, Saltibarsciai
knowing that my favorite food is for sure Kuldunai with Sour Cream &
Lele & Baba will stay in my Mind forever..

Laetuva Lithuania Litauen
You make me want to cook your food
You make me want to get to know
how simple & beautiful Life can be..
Forest, Land,
Green & Red
Walking Dog in the morning, seeing Vilnius from above and know when you come down the Reality changed..

Lithuania never been
I do not understand what you're saying but
I know I will see you again
Is Aukstai ( From above)...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

♡ No Gucci Gucci♡

It is Fashion
but it's No GUCCI GUCCI Attitude
It is full of Sun & Happiness
It is just SUNO

Friday, August 19, 2011


Travel to the Past
High-school Times
Girls in color blocked Tights
Boys play the Guitar in the Grassland

Old reportage of Arthur Shatz for Life-Magazine
Highschool Fashion 1969

Thursday, August 18, 2011

♡ Starry Look ♡

Being Pretty, Charming Face
Having Eyes observing you, all the time
Being a Model, getting a Doll?!
Losing your Sense of Being?!
or NOT:

turns it with her photographyblog...

She puts her Starry Eyes on YOU

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

♡ Hanging On ♡

I was visiting,
I was visualizing
Maybe I will be living there..

Oversized Angels, Colorful drinks,
Prada watching, Missoni living, Duomo crossing, Gelati licking
The Buildings tell stories,
I found my house, my street.
The Triennale Designmuseum showed me le fabbriche dei sogni &
the world of Pier Pasolini, a Poet, photographed by Dino Pedrali.

I was going on and on to have seen what I wanted to see.
And after all I went back from a Voyage between Dream&Reality and
the Tree whispered to the Bird:
Sit& Relax.
Just do not forget to believe:
Hanging On to your Vision & be an active Child...