Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm stuck in Fantasirony

You are full of Sweetness, Junk and druged by Kitsch. Through the Sugar Tower you fall into another world. Surrounded by a Pearlrain you dive into it, you are feeling small and excitedYou enjoy your special travel, a journey to Fantasirony. A place where Daydreams are Reality, in blue and pink. 

inspired sequence by Mariel Manuel
photographed by Manuela Ernst alias Manuela Minimarini
Visual Culture AMFI

Zoo Unicorn

My little pony is a Unicorn......
My handbag is a Unicorn....
My friend is a Unicorn....
My Tiger is a Unicorn...
My love is a Unicorns..

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Photographed by me
Project for Tiger Dragon Slayer Magazine  together with May Putman Cramer