Thursday, July 28, 2011

♡♡♡Till Fish ride Bicycles☆☆☆

Need a Break
Will visit my friend in Lausanne
In the Mountains
Abandoned from Everything
Eating lots of Sweets
Shaking my Hair
Making Bubbles till the Sun goes down
Watching Starshowers through the whole Night
Lying in a Hammock
Love, Laugh, Being a cool Kid
& when fish ride bicycles I will come back to you....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

** Rise & Go Outside***

graduated from MA Course @ Central St. Martins
Finalist& Winner @ Trieste-based Fashion competition ITS #Ten
American born and London based

He rises up
He is coming up
He gets inspired by Latino-Street Culture
He combines it with punched wool, denim & knittwear
We will know him
we will see him

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

**Patternity** Minimarini ♡ UnicornDream Mag

London based Designestudio

Patterns are everywhere
Look up when you should be looking down
Find Beauty in the Banal
Go slow when you should be going fast
Venture into the Unknown
Patterns are everywhere

Go and get them around your elegant legs
It will be an Easy Pleasure and makes your day to a real Treasure

** Just for you Unicorn Dream Magazine **

Monday, July 25, 2011

***Take a bow*** Minimarini ♡ UnicornDreamMag

Bows were in Fashion a long time ago
Bows are a bit forgotten now
but in my Heart and on my Wrist ( Tattoo) they stay.
Bows transport you to a Fashion Fantasy
Bows are a prettycool B-accessory next to Bubbles, Ballons & Bags
Bows, big & bright-colored as a memory when you were a little girl
Bows add the special touch to your simple outfit
Bows for very stylish boys & not just for girls

( Pictures made by Hypeed Magazine with some Fashionbloggers)

**Just for you Unicorn Dream Magazine**

**More or Less** Minnimarini ♡ UnicornDream Mag

a Knitted Wonder
Designer, living in Amsterdam

We wanna hide in it, look like it & braid our hair in the same way.
We just love it.
The Knittwear is *more or less* our Style,
handcuffed in pure Snow White Wool....

**Just for you Unicorn Dream Magazine**

Friday, July 22, 2011


Got a book from the 2 Artist
Residence in Amsterdam
making Art like a Bird