Sunday, September 25, 2011

♡ Ultra Mega LORE ♡


kiss the silver
paint the blood
sleep on rock
bite your pet
swim with swans
fly with pigs
dull the blade
jump from a roof
into a well
inhale plastic
under a tree
remember the red
shiny and buried
grow your flesh
into a box
shape it round
crush the fire
burn the ice
hide the button
follow the dot
smell the vacuum
channel your food
listen to cod
scream at names
glue the shell
to the tire
jump over a closet& bake your mail
bury the bacon
in the sandbox
clothes in the oven
sing with white petals
fuck with wings
whisper towards the palace
swallow the brick
kick the sugar
out of the cup
blow cards
into your soup
tar the forrest
smoke bills
run for bees
shake an earthquake
erase improvement
lead an octopus
into a bassdrum
sing opera in your sleep
explain a string
wear boats
greet piano keys
collect debris
drown spices
listen to doorknobs
slumber and fall
on your feet
on your food
channel your food
offer a job
to a bell
ring the bell
behind a mask
lift the heavy
hope for heart
swallow an ocean
occupy a tree
follow a flower
plan a line
blow smoke in vases
reminisce about every man
avoid looking in temples
think about elephants
click to pop
catch a dwarf
on a shoulder
trip a dog
build a city
in amsterdam
strip cassettes
run trough isles
count five years
sing the koran
in atlantis
turn a mountain towards a croissant
scratch a house
behind the wood........

BEING A MODEL is a lonely JOB
This is was the Lore of Hannelore
Belgian Model

BEING A MODEL is a lonely JOB

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