Sunday, March 29, 2015

❤A bouche que veux-tu ❤

With great quality and abundance I felt to come back from my journey in south east asia.
Back to where?
Physically spoken back in switzerland which some people call paradise.
Paradox is it that I go away from paradise to much poorer countries 
but there it is, where I felt  I reached the name of paradise.
I felt free,
 I felt connected to nature like never before
I felt this great quality and abundance.

So did I change?
No, I think I just woke up a bit more and with my soul I never returned
I realized how grateful I am to see all this with the eye of seeing the paradise and not the negativity
Wherever I go those eyes won't lie to me.

OM Shanti!


So thankful and happy to have met all those beautiful souls along the way.
This journey is to be continue 
I feel like it just started....
Finally I travel Finally I opened my eyes!

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