Wednesday, August 17, 2011

♡ Hanging On ♡

I was visiting,
I was visualizing
Maybe I will be living there..

Oversized Angels, Colorful drinks,
Prada watching, Missoni living, Duomo crossing, Gelati licking
The Buildings tell stories,
I found my house, my street.
The Triennale Designmuseum showed me le fabbriche dei sogni &
the world of Pier Pasolini, a Poet, photographed by Dino Pedrali.

I was going on and on to have seen what I wanted to see.
And after all I went back from a Voyage between Dream&Reality and
the Tree whispered to the Bird:
Sit& Relax.
Just do not forget to believe:
Hanging On to your Vision & be an active Child...

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