Friday, July 15, 2011

Minimarini X FashionNL *3* Backstage

Sometimes you should look at it from behind to see
the beauty of the show in the front
It's another world..
There in the Backstage.
Warm or more Hot
People in a thrill of Ecstasy
People in Stress
People love & compete
There is only one winner...
You might feel fucked up, that it's not you,
but you're still the queen of our hearts.....

I was assisting Pablo Londono Sarria for the Lichting 2011 at AIFW
( Sanne Scheppers won the G-Star Raw Talent Price--see more on my blog of :

Halfday PR for Tony Marcus Sacharias ( see more of his Talent on my blogpost on )

Me: Pr/Model...:)
Our PR Team for Tony: Poul, Lotte, Py & Daphne

For Tony Marcus Sacharias I guided Fashion-Interested People to their sits and could have a look at the show myself:

I heart it
Favorite point: Played with Seams which were grubby, Shoulder parts were falling down, Fragility with Strong and Clean Silhouettes combined, Nude & Earthcolors.

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