Saturday, November 24, 2012

What a Drama

I want you. I need you. I get you and I lost myself.

Is it not amazing how much you can produce in a short little week?
In just 5 days my crew and myself created a movie of 1.30 min¨
about the subject Fashion & Freedom
Crazy days, not much sleep, a week that feels like a month, 
starting Monday and you will not believe that Friday your Movie will be screened.
That is just not possible is all you hear.
Just Walk on By please and make it work!!
And then it becomes reality and it is better as you ever  dare to think:

WHAT A DRAMA! ( check the link)
directed by myself Manuela Ernst
made with this  great team:
director of photography: Daniel Lorenzatto
art direction: Justin  Rahantoknam
production: Dorien Boeren

Starring the lovely dance talent:
Nihaila de Palm

Some backstage Photos:

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