Friday, June 15, 2012

Feel the love for fashion

I know I'm in love with fashion when I go to a show and my heart is beating like I would be part of it myself.
Being part and Showing my designs I worked on for so long.
But I know even more I'm in love with the Rietveldtalents. 
Just saw one of the best shows I've ever seen at Rietveld ( pictures will follow).
Going as an old student, having been part of it is past-
 NOW being the visitor and being proud of it.
I love you all. You did an amazing job, you made my heart jump.
And I will definitely dance for you!
I did it in the past and I continue in my way now and in the future I promise:

With daisies on my tongue
open mouth
I love you when not more
a green ice cream,
a black unicorn,
I love you till I walk with pink shoes on the moon
and I dance for you....

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